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Great talk on getting the most out of your instruments at London paragliding meeting

The TVHGC, the SHGC & (hopefully) Dunstable have joined forces to have interesting, well attended monthly meetings, held at the Cork & Bottle, Spring Street in Paddington on the last Tuesday of each month.

In January I did a talk on how to make the most of trips to the alps, things to be aware of and showing that a weekend in the alps is cheaper* than a weekend in Wales.

February meeting XC Guide

In February 'Indy flyer', an incredible pilot who's helped Jocky Sanderson guiding on trips around the world and who has flown over 300kms in Brazil did a talk on the app that he has created to make his life as a guide easier, but is the essential all in one when flying with friends.

XCGuide allows you to display all your friends positions whether they are using flymaster, livetrack24, Garmin Inreach or SPOT (and others 2), the talk explains the importance of knowing where your friends are and how to make the most of XCGuide and other flying apps. The video is worth a watch.

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