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Comms using the Zello IP Radio app

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

There is a TVHGC Club 2m radio channel - 143.800. This is for use on the hill or in the air for transmission and sharing of information.

As a club we are also going to trial the Zello IP Radio app which was used to great effect in the 2021 Red Bull X-Alps.


Two Zello RADIO channels have been created in the Zello app which are locked down to avoid texts and photos etc.

The key benefits of Zello are that it is not range dependent like a 2m radio, no interference, apart from pilots on permanent PTT, pick up multiple channels and less easy to forget.

Those who join can switch channels on or off as they need or mute in the Zello app. E.g. Turn on when they're at the hill.

It is NOT to replace other forms of comms. Use it like a radio and with the same etiquette.

The channels are:

Join password: milkhill

Make the general channel above your default channel when flying TVHGC sites, so it will auto switch.

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