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What does the safety officer do?

  • Encourages safer flying through the provision of educational courses. (First Aid courses and the Big Fat Re-packs are examples of these)

  • Acts as a liaison between the BHPA and pilots within a club to improve communication relating to safety.

  • Supports people involved in incidents or accidents and ensures these are documented and that lessons can be learned.

  • Helps all fellow pilots learn from previous incidents or accidents.Help temper the more aggressive or inconsiderate pilot's attitude.

What to do in the case of an accident - read this useful guide on dealing with incidents

  • Administer First Aid.

  • Call the emergency services if necessary.

  • Complete an incident report form

If it's a bad accident send a message with your contact details to the club safety officer

What to do if you encounter inconsiderate flying

  • Chat to the person, discuss the issue, if that fails report the pilot to the club safety officer

What will then happen?

  • We will debrief the pilots and see what can be learned from their experience.

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