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What to do in the case of an accident: 

  • Administer First Aid

  • Have one person take charge of the incident, co-ordinating first aid, emergency services, team work 

  • Call the emergency services if necessary.  The site locations can be relayed to the professionals (ambulance, helicopter, paramedic) using site grid references or what3words 

    • Milk Hill Grid Ref SU 101 644 What3Words:///shocks.motoring.lyricism

    • Milk Hill White Horse Grid Ref SU 100 637 What3Words: ///lavished.contained.animates

    • Rybury Grid Ref SU 084 637 ​ What3Words: ///stalemate.responses.slurred

    • Golden Ball  Grid Ref SU 127638 What3Words: ///quits.chosen.dolls

    • Combe Gibbet Grid Ref SU 362 623 What3Words: ///included.success.overdrive

    • Liddington Grid Ref SU 208 798 What3Words: ///

    • Uffington White Horse Grid Ref SU 302 868 ​What3Words:///grove.painting.intelligible

    • White Hill Grid Ref SU 518566. On B3051 south of Kingsclere (road to Overton). Basingstoke (8 Miles), Newbury (8 Miles​What3Words: ///wrist.reverted.cavalier

    • Sugar Hill Grid Ref SU 238 786 What3Words: ///stems.gravest.skirt​

  • Clear the skies if a helicopter is coming.  Get all pilots down safely as the helicopter cannot approach and land if there are paraglider or hangglider pilots still flying.  The best method for this is to use a whistle to attract attention.  The club will issue all members with a whistle: if you don't have one in your kit, contact the safety officer who will send you one.

  • After the accident, complete a BHPA online incident report 

If it's a bad accident send a message with your contact details to the club safety officer.

What to do if you encounter inconsiderate flying

  • Chat to the person, discuss the issue, if that fails report the pilot to the club safety officer

What will then happen?

  • We will debrief the pilots and see what can be learned from their experience.

What does the safety officer do?

  • Encourages safer flying through the provision of educational courses. (First Aid courses and the Big Fat Re-packs are examples of these)

  • Acts as a liaison between the BHPA and pilots within a club to improve communication relating to safety.

  • Supports people involved in incidents or accidents and ensures these are documented and that lessons can be learned.

  • Helps all fellow pilots learn from previous incidents or accidents.  


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