TVHGC is a BHPA coaching club and has a few Club and Senior coaches operating with the support of a Chief Coach.    The coaching extends to assisting qualified pilots who have a BHPA CP (notice) rating upwards as part of their pilot development.   Unfortunately the club does not offer training for people wishing to take up either Paragliding or Hang Gliding.  There club has a strong relationship with a local schools who can provide training.

All the club coaches are volunteers from the club with a BHPA Club Coach or Senior Coaching license.

At this time there is limited Hang Gliding practical coaching until a new coach becomes available.

Some of the coaching available is:

- Meteorology, air law, flight theory

- Organising Pilot and Advance Pilot exams


Ad-hoc practical coaching on the hill:

- Ground handling

- Soaring

- Top and Slope Landings

- Thermalling

- Cross Country hints and tips

Assistance with competitions such as the BCC (British Club's Challenge) and the TVHGC competition.

Our primary responsibility is always for safety.

For further information on coaching please use the Telegram app and TVHGC Planning Group to request support or assistance.


Before you fly its important that you in addition to your normal checks for when planning a flying day:

1) Check the Site Guide for updates

2) Check the Telegram TVHGC Planning group for any updates or site issues

3) Check NOTAMs for your flight plan (CAA UK AIP or

4) Mid week flying? submit a CANP/NOTAM to notify the military and other air users

Chris Williams's Template to simplify CANP creation (link here)

BHPA CANP info here:

4) Do not fly a site on your own!

5) Check your instruments and airspace maps are up to date and you are familiar with their use

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