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White Hill  -  paragliding


NB.  ALL our flying sites are MEMBERS ONLY!


Please make sure that your membership is up to date. If not, kindly join now and become a new member of Thames Valley Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club.


This site is open all year round. Pilot rated.


Wind Direction / Details


Kingsclere (OS Grid Ref SU 518566)


Pilot rated, only due to its size and complexity. There may be other restrictions due to local activities applied at any time.

- No flying if horses around, this is usually Wednesday and Saturday mornings up until about 10.30 am., but can be other times
- Freemantle Park Down, the northerly continuation of White hill, must not be flown because of horses in the fields below.
- No more than 5 wings in the air at any one time.


There are lots of horses in this area and gallops nearby and to the west near Combe Hole. Freemantle Park Down, the northerly continuation of White hill, must not be flown because of horses in the fields below. As horses are easily spooked by low flying gliders never fly low over horses. It always helps to take time to stop and talk to other people using the tracks, preventing problems developing.


General OS Grid Ref SU 518566. On B3051 south of Kingsclere (road to Overton). Basingstoke (8 Miles), Newbury (8 Miles)

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From North: A399 South and East from Newbury, then onto B3051 into Kingsclere Village and on South for about a mile.
From South: Basingstoke A339 to Kingsclere etc. Stop at parking areas by the top of the hill.


Car park off the B3051 heading up White Hill on the left hand side coming from Kindsclere. Beware of thieves.


No vehicular access beyond the public car park. Walk to take off using the footpaths and access points provided Park in the car park off the road and head NE along a gravel path that keeps the fence on your right. Past the gate in the fence is the launch.

Take Off

Approximate elevation 230m/770’ AMSL. The large grassy area.


Bottom landing is limited and beyond the trees before the crop fields. Slope landing where possible but beware of the trees. Top landing is possible but beware of the fence and the proximity to the trees in front that might cause rotor. There is a large expanse of fields behind launch.


Modellers also fly these sites.
There are lots of trees and tree lined areas on the hill beware of getting low. Beware of getting low behind the trees and the affects of rotor.
Watch out for picnickers, horse riders walkers & joggers. 
The B3051 is below so beware getting too low down and make a decision to land.


In a NW’ly note it’s close proximity to RAF Odiham.

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