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As a large club our members use a number of systems to communicate on a regular basis. Essential information is emailed, but most club comms between members is done on Telegram. Access to these is for members only.

Facebook Group -


Telegram app - a regularly used mobile and PC messaging application (similar to WhatsApp but used by the free flight community throughout the UK)

We have set-up three groups in Telegram for the club:

   TVHGC Site Reports - used to send and receive site reports on a given flying day

   TVHGC Planning - used to plan for a flying day, discuss weather, car sharing, coaching needs etc.

   TVHGC Chat - the main chat group for anything else

1. To request access to the Telegram groups, first install and register the application on your device

2. Then click on the following join link to the access request group.

3. There you can ask to be added to the groups, you must be a member of the club or just joined.

If you have any issues please email and request access to the groups.


Terms of Use

All users of TV forums are subject to the following local rules notwithstanding those terms already expected to be honoured by your contract with the media companies Facebook and Telegram.  There aren't many but it helps manage them.  As a club member or visitor please try to resolve and self manage as much as you can.

Rule 1. Advertising.

If you wish to advertise or promote your professional services, please seek approval from Admin or club committee prior to posting. Any such unauthorised posts will be deleted without notice and further flouting will result in removal from the group. Posts which are of benefit to the pilots of our club such as local operators offering something or servicing etc. are permitted within reason e.g. less than one per month, random advertising posts aren't.


Rule 2. Don't be silly.

If you disagree with someone or have a strong opinion about a situation (and you will) please show a little respect and decorum - even if you haven't flown for weeks and frustration is setting in. Any abusive behaviour or name calling by someone will be moderated by admin. That person will then be advised to quit it and then removed or banned if they continue.


Rule 3. Do be excellent.

If you see bullying or abusive behaviour, first let the Admin know, then comfort the person under attack.


Rule 4. Report problems

If you have a problem with this group, speak to Admin - don't just post about it.



We haven't had too many trolls here, but if you come across someone trying to stir trouble, please tag an Admin.

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