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Club Support for Flying Skills Development

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

It is with great pleasure that the TVHGC Committee can announce the following incentives available to all members in line with our goal to support improvement of flying skills, safety and airmanship.

Only one incentive can be claimed per year by each member.

SIV Training

The club will subsidise the cost of attending a BHPA approved SIV training course. The subsidy value is £200. Claimants must have been members for at least one full year unless the claim is made in the same year as gaining CP licence. Only one SIV subsidy can be claimed per member. Claims will be paid upon receipt of proof of SIV completion and submission of an experience write-up or video.

Competition Support

1. The club will provide up to £1000 contribution (maximum £500 per person) to elite pilots in a major flying endeavour, such as the Red Bull X-Alps.

2. The club will support amateur pilot club members with up to £100 per person for entry into competitions, such as the X-Lakes. Claims will be paid upon receipt of proof of participation. Limited to one claim per year.

3. The club has paid for the entry of two teams into the 2021 Advance British Club Challenge. Point 2 above is not applicable for participation in any of the BCC rounds.

Club Coach Course

The club will provide a 50% subsidy towards the cost of a Club Coach Course.

First Aid Course

The club will provide a 50% subsidy towards the cost of a club run First Aid Course.

Awards: Trophies, Tankards and Medals

The following club events will be recognised with the awards listed:

Club Waypoint Challenge

Top score: Trophy/Tankard

Best Newcomer


UK XC firsts

50km: Tankard

100km: Tankard

150km: Tankard

200km+: Tankard

Best XC distances

Women: Tankard/trophy

Men: Tankard/trophy

Presentations/Talks to club members

The club will offer up to £100 for presentations/talks to club members on relevant paragliding topics.

Lucky Dip Prize Draw

​There will be a prize draw for all members attending the AGM. The prizes will be vouchers for paragliding equipment. 1st Prize: £300, 2nd Prize: £150, 3rd Prize: £50.

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