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There is now a wealth of information on almost anything and everything to do with paragliding, some more serious and some more fun. Here is a list of useful videos and podcasts that will expand your knowledge.

Kinga Masztalerz - From Pushing Hard to Giving Back (19/05/21)

How to be an ambitious pilot and athlete whilst contributing to the sport as a whole. How we can fulfil various needs, share knowledge within the community and grow as pilots and humans. Video here:

Tim Pentreath - XC Retrieve

During this walkthrough I cover all aspects of the XC Retrieve system which uses Telegram Messenger at the core of its functionality.
See​. Full instructions here

Videos​ - Jocky Sanderson SIV & XC Videos

Jocky is one of the biggest characters in paragliding as well as one of the nicest guys out there. He is a former champion acro and XC pilot who now runs SIV, Cross country courses, is the British Team captain, organiser of the XLakes hike & fly and producer of the most respected videos in the sport​

Flybubble & Greg Hammerton videos

Flybubble is the ultimate supplier of paragliding kit in the UK, but more than that they provide a hugh range of paragliding safety and advice videos to help you be a better pilot. Greg hammerton has been the mainstay of their videos, but he has now very amicably parted ways so he can focus more on the things in paragliding he loves. The flybubble channel is a must and before long Greg's will be too.​

Tim Pentreath's Vol Biv & XC Videos

Tim is a brand ambassador for Advance and an incredibly experienced XC Pilot and now videographer. His videos are inspiring and jaw droppingly beautiful. They also are an invaluable training aid for those flying cross country in the UK and in the alps.​

Antoine Girard

XAlps pilot, intrepid adventurer, alpinist and film-maker. His expeditions to Aconcagua, Broad Peak are already the stuff of legend.​ 

Himalayan Odyssey

Inspiring vol biv video taking you from Bir, India to Pokhara, Nepal. The stresses and strains and shear joy of big mountain flying. Password: odyssey

Birdmen of the Karakorum

A classic video of derring do featuring John Silvester and Eddie Colfox flying HIGH in the karakorum without oxygen on little more than a wing and a prayer!

Share my joys

Kiwi pilot's flying and vol biv adventures from the Rockies, Atlas, the Himalayas and of course his home country New Zealand.


Gavin McClurg's Cloudbase Mayhem

Gavin is a former national geographic adventurer of the year, he has sailed boats around the world, skied, kayaked and flown at the highest level and has now completed 3 XAlps contests. Gavin has added massively to the paragliding knowlege base through Cloudbase Mayhem - a site and podcast dedicated to flying. He asks, but doesn't insist you donate a $1 a show. A few favourites so far has been Guy Anderson's rescue in America, a remarkable story from so many angles... However, they are all great in our view, have a listen and make up your own mind!​

Steph Junker's Staying Alive Podcast

Steph setup the first tandem operation in South Africa 30 odd years ago and has been flying comps for almost that long too. He's a larger than life character, who once met is never forgotten. During the lockdown Steph has reached out 50 pilots, some world beaters including Bruce Goldsmith, Russell Ogden and a couple of TVHGC members Charles Norwood and Richard Barber, not world beaters, but still with a few entertaining stories.​

Judith Mole's podcast

Judith has a podcast that is added to intermittently, but offers a wealth of information on subjects to do with paragliding.

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