TVHGC has some of the best flying sites in the UK.  These are sensitive sites and the club has good relationships and agreements with land owners and other organisations to access and fly them on a regular basis.  Due to the site agreements pilots must be a member of the club to fly them, be BHPA CP+ rated and have the required BHPA third-party liability insurance.  Please ensure you join the club before flying.


All of the club sites are very sensitive so please stick to site rules and guidelines provided in the Site Guide.  If you have any questions please raise these on the Telegram app Planning or Chat groups, or contact our Sites Officer.


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To fly all the TVHGC sites pilots must have full or weekly memberships

Countryside Code

Our code when being in the countryside and around livestock, crops and fences and general neighbourliness

All the farmers on whose land we fly have different concerns – what scarcely worries one may trouble another greatly. These are generally spelled out on the individual site pages, but:


• Horses are easily spooked; try to avoid flying low over them especially at Milk Hill, Tan Hill, Golden Ball, Rybury and Uffington.

• Sheep can be nervous too; they need time to get to know you. If there is plenty of room they will wander away , but if penned into a small space they can panic and hurt themselves on the barbed wire – especially at Liddington Castle.

• Sheep with unborn or young lambs are more at risk. If the mother gets separated from the lamb they some times fail to find each other again especially at Tan Hill and Rybury, which are sometimes closed for lambing during April and May.

• Do not climb any fences. It may be a bit of a walk, but it was your choice to fly. If agreed access is over a lock ed gate e.g. Liddington, then climb on the hinged side only

• Don't park in front of bales as they need to be accessible by the farmers.  Especially the bottom barn at Milk Hill

• Don't land in cropped fields unless its an emergency.  If you do quickly bunch up your glider (PG) and head to the side of the crop.


• Natural England makes no unaccompanied flying a condition of the licence at Milk Hill. The farmer of Rybury and Tan Hill is equally concerned. Both impose a penalty of £50 payable to charity, on anyone caught flying unaccompanied.

Our continuing access to these sites depends upon our continuing to be a good neighbour, so stick to the site rules, and be polite and friendly if challenged. Bring home any litter; even if other people have left it. Leave the sites cleaner than you find them.

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