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Valley breezes and secrets of alpine weather

After amazing weather in the spring we’d all rather forget, summer is upon us and with it the ‘British monsoon’. There is light ahead with Grant Shapps saying that he anticipated airbridge agreements being in place by the 30th June, allowing us to escape these tepid shores for warmer climes before summer is out…

Coincidentally, this dovetails perfectly with Ian ‘Indy’ Lewis (creator of xcguide app) who will be doing a talk on the 30th June @ 7pm on alpine weather, concentrating on valley breezes and how to avoid getting foehned home (sorry).

Should you be venturing to the alps or any other mountainous area with big mountains and valley systems, this talk will help you stay in the air longer and have a better chance of landing safely!

Format will be a talk for 30 mins to 45 mins and then Q&A afterwards,

If I don’t see you virtually at the talk, have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you in person on a hill soon. Details on Telegram and Facebook. Thanks

Richard Social & Comps

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