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CANP/NOTAM XC flights for safety

Chris Williams RAFHPA Club Secretary reports:

"Exciting news! (well, exciting if you get excited about CANP, NOTAMS etc...) Martin Baxter, the BHPA Sites Officer, has told me that the RAF's Low Flying Booking Cell, who manage our CANP notifications, has accepted his request to include XC plans in a CANP. Extract from his email: "I'm told by the RAF at Linton and Leeming [Vale of York] that crews now brief on thermal activity and, following an AIRPROX near Leeming last year, the LFBC agreed that we could include 'and downwind' in our CANPs. It doesn't solve the problems of flying XC but it's a step in the right direction."

Some years ago I made a simple form that makes submitting a CANP a whole lot easier. I've gone a bit further than adding 'and downwind' in my tweaking of the CANP form, but hope they won't mind. :-) In time the BHPA might take over this form or adopt something like it, but in the interim Martin is happy for me to keep managing it.

The form currently only has 5 clubs' sites available. If you'd like your club's sites added then send the following to and I'll add you:

club name site names OS Grid References BHPA Site Codes (if available)


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